Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So I have some FABULOUS pictures of some cute cards I've made this weekend, a "Remember Me" journal I put together for my brother who passed away, and a few great HAULS and RAK's but I CAN"T FIND THE CHARGER to my camera!!!!!! I've looked all weekend and my fear is that it's sitting in a hotel in Phoenix where I might have left it... :( WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so bummed. Not only can't I post pics for ya'll, but I can't TAKE ANY PICTURES either. This is such a horrible tragedy to a photography business owner and AVID scrapper. Well, you can bet that my savings that I've had building for a "few scrapbook goodies" will go into a new charger this afternoon. :(
Hang in there with me and I will try to get a few pics and videos posted before tomorrow. :)

Hugs and Be Blessed Ladies,


  1. Hello Brook~ I just found your adorable blog. I like your projects. I love finding crafty people who share of love of God too! It's awesome.
    I am now following your blog.
    Hope you can follow me too at:
    All the best & crafty goodness,

  2. Sorry about your charger. I can only imagine how tough it is especially being a photographer. My camera got ruined for a bit, then lost and I was lost too. My husband found it, fixed it & now I can post photos again without relying on my cell phone. As a result the pics on my blog were not the greatest but God knows my heart and knows I could only do so much & was making due with what I had. He always blesses us! Hence the found & fixed camera. Better pictures to be posted beginning soon. Take care & hang in!

  3. Thanks ladies, God is so good isn't he. He always allows us to be blessed in ANY situation. I am going to keep looking, however I do believe it's probably not in my home. You never know though with God. :) I feel so lost without my camera, but I do have my computer which is how I've been doing my videos and pictures for the last 3 weeks. Make due with what you have, right?!
    Sonia, I will be following your blog too girl! Thanks for subscribing!!! SUPER BIG HUGS!