Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sharing our new family pictures

I decided we needed some new family pictures today so we took off to the park and had a lot of fun doing them.
 My tripod came in VERY handy today, especially for the group shots. I LOVE my tripod! ha ha.
Hope ya'll enjoy a peek into my "non-scrappy" life. :)
Hugs ladies and be blessed!
Our family


My hubby and I

My teenager Blake

My daughter Jordyn

My lil' man Zach


  1. Hey Brook!! oh my goodness!! you have thee cutest family! I love your pics, your adorable girl!! And your babies....cute and gorgeous!!! I love the pic with you standing behind your hubby!! Priceless!! xoxo Jules:)

  2. Thanks Jules!! <3 We had so much fun doing pics. We had more fun doing the "FUN" ones where the kids didn't have to "pose" and they were just doing kid things.


  3. Love these, Brook!!
    Great pictures. I can't believe how big the kids are getting!