Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cards... yes I'm already done!

     Living in Arizona where the only snow I see all year round is on top of the mountains... makes me really get into the Chrismas season. It gives me an excuse to put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night, go coo coo on decorations, and start my Christmas cards super early. If you're like me you like to display your cards somewhere. I hang up the Christmas cards I get around our fireplace mantle so I can see them. I would like to see them for longer than a week, and I assume others feel the same way so I usually get mine all sent out by the first weekend in December. This year I got inspired by a friend of mine Craft Junkie Too. Her blog is http://www.craftjunkietoo.com/. I hope you all have time to check her out. She's so sweet and has a LOAD of inspiration on each of her tutorials and on her blog. I believe the snowman cards that she did were from Christmas 2009 and those are what inspired my cards this year.
     I also decided that I needed somewhere to put Christmas cards to rest each year when the Holiday is over so I made a 12x12 album just special for those cards. I usually get 5 years worth of cards in one album before I have to go to another album. I guess depending on how many cards you get each year you may be able to get more than that from one album or you might not get that many years. I just love to keep cards. They mean a lot to me, always have, and so I wanted to be able to keep them out for display instead of locked in a box in my closet. I also LOVE to have the album displayed on my coffee table during the holiday season. It gives my family, friends, and guests something to look through (besides the family albums) and makes me happy! <3
     I LOVE LOVE LOVE owls... ya'll know this. But around Christmas time, the ONE thing that will trump my owls (until the day I can find Christmas-y owls) are Snowmen. I LOVE SNOWMEN! You'll see how much when you look at my cards, ha ha.
     I hope you all enjoy your Holiday season and preparing for, what I like to call, the BEST HOLIDAY EVER... Christmas. Get those cards made, enjoy your family and friends, and remember.. it's not about the gifts that are given, but the love and togetherness that makes Christmas special!

Hugs and God bless,
Here's our little Christmas card. It's a family of snowmen. Each one represents a member of our family. I wish I could have done 2 little snow dogs for our puppies, but that's okay. :)

A closer look at the (girl) snowman and my sons snowman

A closer look at the (Boy) snowmen

Monday, November 22, 2010

Prayer Journal Finished

Hi ladies. Hope ya'll are having a great week. It's Thanksgiving week, yippie! We're excited that my husband gets to come home from training this week for the holiday! Thank you Jesus!
     I wanted to share with you, per request, our prayer journal we created. I wanted to have something to help us to remember each and every one of our family, friends, etc... prayer requests and also just to remember them EVERY TIME we pray. I have asked and gained permission for these pictures to be used and was even able to add some special prayer requests of each family. Thank you all for heleping in that.
It's not "quite" finished in regards to the embellishments and such, but you get the idea of what it is. I so enjoyed making this!
     Each page is designated for a family or person and each page has their/his/her picture along with some generic prayer requests that, as a family, we can pray for. (Ex. family, friends, finances, blessings, health, etc..) and then a little pocket at the top where I will add more intimate prayers, SPECIFIC requests, etc.. that will be prayed over by myself or myself and my husband. You know how kids are and sitting still for long, even to pray, might be difficult. I also thought that some/most of the "specific" prayers were more adult in maturity level and I also wanted to respect the privacy of each family/person. I am also going to use the little pockets to add "answered prayers". I think it's important to thank God and remember to celebrate not only the answered prayers, but also celebrate that GOD is in control and Thank him for the answers even if they haven't been answered "yet".
     Each person/family has their own little "create a critter ring" that I will had to the children and they will know who belongs to which critter and who they are praying for. If they forget, those generic prayer requests are written on the back.  This gives them something to hold and focus on and help them through their prayers.
     I hope you all enjoy it. I have a video that goes through this journal on my youtube page: www.youtube.com/user/brooknrich. Here are some pictures for you to see.

This is the front of the prayer journal. Below it is my bible so you can see my inspiration for choosing a "pink" prayer journal.

This is the inside of the prayer journal. You can see a picture of my family on the front page and the title "The Rhinehart's Prayers".

This is just an example of what the pages look like inside and the "hidden" pocket at the top where I'll stick tags in for the special prayer requests and all that.

This is an example of the "critter key rings" that I made in honor of each family/person so the kids can hold them and pray over that family/person. this one happens to be a cow for my dad and his wife since they have a farm with cows. The kids will hold that and remember to pray for G-pa and Meme and if they forget, there's prayer requests on the back and their name.

Hugs and God bless!

Monday, November 1, 2010

More cards...... and some Halloween Goodies! ENJOY!

Just an abstract wood/boy-ish thing I did. Inspired by a friend of mine on youtube. Isn't this neat? I love how the picture is "busting" through and the chain.

My family on Halloween 2010: My husband, oldest son and I went as "TOGA People". My youngest son was Ninja Turtle and my daughter was Venom from "SPIDERMAN".

"LOVE YOU" card I made for my papa!

"Wild" about you card I made for my youngest son, daughter, and oldest son. I made the lil' lion cub "girlie" for my daughter's card.

Fall Friends card
Hope you all enjoy and had a great Halloween weekend. Enjoy your week and keep scrappin'.
Hugs and God bless!!!