Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cards... yes I'm already done!

     Living in Arizona where the only snow I see all year round is on top of the mountains... makes me really get into the Chrismas season. It gives me an excuse to put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night, go coo coo on decorations, and start my Christmas cards super early. If you're like me you like to display your cards somewhere. I hang up the Christmas cards I get around our fireplace mantle so I can see them. I would like to see them for longer than a week, and I assume others feel the same way so I usually get mine all sent out by the first weekend in December. This year I got inspired by a friend of mine Craft Junkie Too. Her blog is http://www.craftjunkietoo.com/. I hope you all have time to check her out. She's so sweet and has a LOAD of inspiration on each of her tutorials and on her blog. I believe the snowman cards that she did were from Christmas 2009 and those are what inspired my cards this year.
     I also decided that I needed somewhere to put Christmas cards to rest each year when the Holiday is over so I made a 12x12 album just special for those cards. I usually get 5 years worth of cards in one album before I have to go to another album. I guess depending on how many cards you get each year you may be able to get more than that from one album or you might not get that many years. I just love to keep cards. They mean a lot to me, always have, and so I wanted to be able to keep them out for display instead of locked in a box in my closet. I also LOVE to have the album displayed on my coffee table during the holiday season. It gives my family, friends, and guests something to look through (besides the family albums) and makes me happy! <3
     I LOVE LOVE LOVE owls... ya'll know this. But around Christmas time, the ONE thing that will trump my owls (until the day I can find Christmas-y owls) are Snowmen. I LOVE SNOWMEN! You'll see how much when you look at my cards, ha ha.
     I hope you all enjoy your Holiday season and preparing for, what I like to call, the BEST HOLIDAY EVER... Christmas. Get those cards made, enjoy your family and friends, and remember.. it's not about the gifts that are given, but the love and togetherness that makes Christmas special!

Hugs and God bless,
Here's our little Christmas card. It's a family of snowmen. Each one represents a member of our family. I wish I could have done 2 little snow dogs for our puppies, but that's okay. :)

A closer look at the (girl) snowman and my sons snowman

A closer look at the (Boy) snowmen


  1. Hi Brook, just saw your video on YouTube. Love your prayer journal so I had to come visit! Very cute christmas card. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

  2. Thanks Sarah!!! <3 Hugs and have a great Holiday season too!

  3. LOVE your card! I love snowmen too! Have you seen the Basic Grey Stamp set that is "build a snowman" - I am going a little nuts with that one! I also usually have the tree up and the house decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving -- but this year is a little different...no worries -- the decorations will get done...and if I have to leave them up into the middle of January to make sure I see them for a full 4 weeks...I have not problem with that! LOL