Sunday, January 2, 2011

An award and paying it forward and 8 things you didn't know about me:


Hi ladies, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year. 2011 is going fantastic so far for our family. God is really blessing us and giving us a lot of provision. I'm so excited for what 2011 holds for my family, Creataive Endings, and my friends. I must send out a HUGE thank you and BIG HUGS to Sonia,  The Archiving Angel, for awarding me the fabulous "stylish blog award".

I really find a lot of inpiration in Sonia's blog and I hope you all will check it out. You will enjoy her style, family, scrappy happy creations just like I do.
When you are awarded this blogger award you get to share with your followers 8 things about yourself that they probably don't know. So here it goes:

1. God has called my husband and I to adopt a child.
2. I am amazed at the love that our Heavenly father holds for his children. I have been a Christian for 21 years.
3. My dream is to visit Ireland and Australia and share the word of God.
4. During 2011 I hope to hold a few Crafty Creations classes in my area.
5. I can't fall asleep unless I have my "silky". (A scrap of fabric that is red and silky)
6. I've been to 8 different states and moved 9 times in 7 years.
7. When I sit down to scrap, I always have to have an orange gatorade with me.
8. The longest time I've scrapped at my desk in one day is 9 1/2 hours.

I am going to pay it forward and offer this amazing blogger award to a few ladies that I think are just amazing. These ladies work so hard on their blogs and they are all filled wtih joy, love, inspriation and FUN. Please check them out!!!

Julie (Jules) from The Jule Box
Melanie from Scrappy Mel
Wendy from Living Creatively
Lauren from Lauren's Creative

These ladies are such amazing crafty ladies, mom's, wifes, and some of my sweet friends that I couldn't imagine my creativity to be at it's best without their blogs, friendships and sweet virtual hugs!!!

Have a GREAT Sunday ladies and many many blessings and BIG HUGS!


  1. Thank you so much for the award, Brook! You are so sweet! :)

    I have enjoyed looking at your wonderful projects and I'm now following you. {{{ HUGS }}} and God bless!

  2. Brooksie!!!! Thank you so much girl! I love ya my friend!!!

    xoxo Jules:)