Friday, September 30, 2011

World Card Making Day is tomorrow!

Hi ladies, I hope you're having an amazing Friday. Tomorrow is World Card Making Day so I hope you all make some time in your weekend to scrap some cards. Think about who you can bless by sending a card to. A teacher, friend, Pastor, parent, neighbor, your local business or bank, etc... There's so many people that we come in contact with everyday who would be blessed by us surprising them with a handmade card. Take this time to start your Christmas cards or even get a jump start on birthday cards and "thinking of you" cards. It's always nice to have a stash for those quick moments when you need a card but don't have time to make one. It's a lot easier sometimes to grab one from the store, but think of how neat it would be to give a handmade one. I love to keep a stash of "just becuase" cards and other sentiment cards for those days or moments when I need one really quick.
World Card Making Day is the chance to take some time out for ourselves and just scrap!

Big hugs ladies and I can't wait to see what you've created! Check my blog later tonight and tomorrow for some of my cards!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In memory of Ali Grace Rhinehart

Hi everyone,
 My daughter and I are working on an album in memory of our sweet little poodle Ali. Ali came from a puppy mill where they were breeding a mom with hip dysplasia and joint issues. We didn't know until Ali was about 16 weeks old that she inherited the joint issue and was born with no knee caps. We had a year (per vet advise) to give her a surgery to put in artificial knee caps. As time went on she grew weary and eventually wasn't able to put weight on her back legs at all. We even had her a cute little doggie wheel chair. Upon rechecking with the vet, her bones had fused together and even with surgery, there was no guarantee that Ali would walk again. Her life was short and as the days grew longer Ali had more bad days than good days. We were blessed beyond measure to have her in our life for 18 months and she brought our home unconditional love and acceptance, a sense of gratitude and forgiveness, and made our home so happy during her time with us. We were blessed to be able to give her our unconditional love and acceptance and make her short life here with us the best ever.

 Thank you Ali for the love, the puppy licks, the laughs and even the tears. We'll keep you in our hearts forever.

Here's the layout finished layout I created for one of her pictures. If you'd like to see me put together this layout you can check out my youtube channel: for more details.

 Thanks everyone!
Lots of hugs and blessings,