Friday, September 30, 2011

World Card Making Day is tomorrow!

Hi ladies, I hope you're having an amazing Friday. Tomorrow is World Card Making Day so I hope you all make some time in your weekend to scrap some cards. Think about who you can bless by sending a card to. A teacher, friend, Pastor, parent, neighbor, your local business or bank, etc... There's so many people that we come in contact with everyday who would be blessed by us surprising them with a handmade card. Take this time to start your Christmas cards or even get a jump start on birthday cards and "thinking of you" cards. It's always nice to have a stash for those quick moments when you need a card but don't have time to make one. It's a lot easier sometimes to grab one from the store, but think of how neat it would be to give a handmade one. I love to keep a stash of "just becuase" cards and other sentiment cards for those days or moments when I need one really quick.
World Card Making Day is the chance to take some time out for ourselves and just scrap!

Big hugs ladies and I can't wait to see what you've created! Check my blog later tonight and tomorrow for some of my cards!

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